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Employee Benefits

BR Focus

BR (Benefits Resources) Focus is a team of Benefit Administrative Representatives who perform monthly non-fiduciary Benefit related functions for Employer’s HR/ Benefit teams. It is our goal to relieve these teams of precious time spent on tactical applications and free them up for Employee Engagement and Strategic Planning. BR Focus is simply an extension of the HR team and should be thought of as a new hire sitting right outside their office. The HR contact determines exactly which tasks they want BR Focus to perform. We simply need access to carrier portals and reading/ reporting access to HRIS & Benefit Administrative systems. Although MMA-SW offers several options for Ben Admin systems that BR Focus pairs nicely with, we are completely agnostic when it comes to the systems the employer uses.

Positive Outcomes:

  • Reduces Stress Levels
  • Less Distractions/ More Focused
  • May No Longer Need to Hire Additional Staff Member
  • May Reduce Overtime Payments
  • Trust that Functions are Performed and Completed Timely

Services Available:

  • Billing Reconciliation
  • Billing Consolidation
  • Eligibility Assistance (coordinate with another internal team)
  • EOI, Disability Claim Assistance
  • COBRA Eligibility Reporting
  • Much More Services Available
  • Customization May Be Available

Please note that BR Focus is currently only available to Employers headquartered in Texas and that MMA-SW must be the Broker of Record.

For more information, contact: Shette (Shay) Cordell, shette.cordell@marshmma.com; 972-770-1647